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Welcome to International Workshop DERMATO-ONCOLOGY 2019

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, welcome to Matanzas, Cuba for the International Workshop DERMATO-ONCOLOGY 2019. The time we spend together over the meeting further provide opportunities to consolidate our body of knowledge, and renew our commitment to providing the best care for the patients.

Recently there has been an alarming increase in skin cancer incidence worldwide, particularly in Non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). High risk and local advanced basal cell carcinoma demand a multidisciplinary approach that includes dermatological surgery, including the Mohs micrographic surgery, radiotherapy, surgical reconstruction and systemic therapies as target therapies and immunotherapies.  The precise place of each of them is a matter of intense and divergent discussions.

The DERMATO-ONCOLOGY 2019 will offer an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues, to gather knowledge, and to share information. We hope that it will also help to strengthen cooperation and communication between Cuban and international colleagues.

In addition to the educational content of the meeting, you will find opportunities to celebrate at several social events. It  our honor and pleasure to invite you to the Welcome Reception taking place Tuesday 17th evening at Mexican restaurant at Barcelo Solymar Hotel, where we hope you will have an enjoyable experience.

We wish to acknowledge and thank our entire organizing committee staff for their tireless work planning the details to make the meeting a seamless and enjoyable event.


Welcome to DERMATO-ONCOLOGY 2019

Organizing Committee